About us

Van den Belt growers is a big tomato grower, that is expanding every year with a serious number of acres and production/ machines. Van den Belt growers is based in de Koekoekspolder in IJsselmuiden. We are growing 4 different species of tomatoes: our standard tomatoes, our special intense tomatoes, our standard tomatoes on the vine, and the popular snack tomatoes.

Our biggest priority is of course the taste and quality of the tomatoes. Klaas and Jacob are growing tomatoes since they were young, and still with as much passion as back in the days. We always take pride in providing our customers with the best tomatoes.

About our company

The brothers Klaas and Jacob Van den Belt are growing different kinds of tomatoes. The 2 brothers focus besides the quality on different kinds of tomatoes to provide every customer with their own needs. As mentioned earlier we grow 4 different types of tomatoes, one of them, the Intense tomatoe, is really popular in restaurant, hence the name chef tomatoes, because the tomatoes slice easy and hold their moisture better compared to the standard tomatoes.


The parents of Klaas and Jacob van den Belt started their company in the Koekoekspolder with open field vegetables and chicory. In 1989 they made the decision to specialise in growing tomatoes. The company has grown since and the company is always working with new kinds of tomatoes.

How we grow tomatoes

Like very plant, our tomatoe plant starts as a tiny plant from a seed, we grow our plants at specialised growers for the first growth stages of the plant.

When the plants are ready to be planted in our greenhouse, they get transferred from the specialised grower to our greenhouse.

Then the process begins. We tie the plants to a rope so the plant can grow around the rope. After the first 3 or 4 months the tomatoes get their colour and are ready to be harvested. We remove the plants in the 10th or 11th month, because they gave their tomatoes and they need to be switched with the new tomatoe plants. And so the circle repeats itself over and over.

We grow our plants as much eco friendly as possible. We use bumblebees to pollinate our plants. We use biological ways to fight the diseases from the plant.

Light is a very important factor in the growth stages of tomatoes. We grow our Intense tomatoes trough the whole year. To do that we use artificial light, our newest greenhouse is full of big lamps, the lights turn on when its dark in the winter and night, the tomatoes will still get their colour by using this method, so our customers get their tomatoes even in the winter.

Learning- and working places for students

Working in horticulture is not self-evident for many young people. Nevertheless, horticulture offers plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and to build a glorious career. For example, in the vegetable sector, where a lot of growers need high skilled workers.

Although horticultural companies can rely more and more on data and high-tech technologies, people will continue to be indispensable in the future. After all, the knowledge and insight of real professionals will be needed to control those techniques and to interpret and apply the data. That is exactly why young people are encouraged to study at green and technical universities and to opt for a career in horticulture.

The brothers van den Belt remember their time as a student very well and always tell young people how important it is to apply their knowledge and skills in real situations during their studies. That’s why they open up their company for bachelor students from all over Europe.

The company offers learning- working places that take at least 8 weeks. The company will pay for travel expenses and will take care for housing. You are fully insured during your practical period at the company. Of course a suitable pay for working hours is part of the deal.

During your stay at our company you can work on your tasks from University or study special subjects like biological pest control, artificial lightning, new ways of growing, international trade, glasshouse management or another subject needed for your study.

If you are interested send an email to klaas@belttomaten.nl